New Website!

New Website!

Hudson Valley Orienteering is proud to announce the launch of our new website. Here you will find our schedule calendar, our blog and our beginner’s guide. The website is still in beta form but we hope you will find it useful, straightforward and aesthetically pleasing. Let us know your comments or suggestions.


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    Nice new website. Are directions to venues included somewhere other than on the old site?

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      Thanks for the positive feedback, Eric! Right now we are providing directions or providing a map of the location on the event pages, rather than on a single page with all directions to the popular venues. This being said, we might not always post directions as early as some of our fans may prefer… sorry about that! Which venue are you interested in getting directions for? – Ching-Hua

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    In my opinion, this new website really sucks – I liked the old one better that had calendar pages that you could navigate from. Better still were the old monthly calendars with everything on one page, from back in the days when organizers had to plan in advance and you could depend on the dates rather then having things constantly update.

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      Thank you for your feedback, Dennis. You can view the calendar in a monthly format by clicking the option in the right hand side of the Events Page.

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    I liked the old format better because it was easier to find information and a page had more information shown on a page. Change is something not easy for all to adapt to but I know you are trying to improve communication using the best technology.

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      Thank you for your feedback, Keith.

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    Looks great, but where pictures, old pictures was so good with old members, so may be chance put back photo albums, good luck.
    Ex hvo member Virmantas, one day back to forest 🙂

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