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Hudson Highlands Nature Museum

Event Director’s Report

The local beginner’s event at Hudson Highlands Nature Museum on Sunday, September 11th was held on a gorgeous beginning of Fall day. 53 people participated in 31 starts on White, Yellow, and Orange Plus courses. Several tried more than one course. The help was wonderful! Big thanks to Carl from the museum staff who helped us get organized and then ran the registration table for most of the event. Bob Bullions, Bill Shannon, Geof Connor, George Hawes, Daniel Schaublin offered instruction to many small groups and also handled starts, finishes, results, and control pick up. Thanks to all! This was an “old fashioned” event. Maps were copied by the participants from master maps; we did not use electronic punching. I must say the orienteers did a good job drawing all those circles! We didn’t lose anyone (though one team went home without checking out at the finish. Please remember to check out before leaving so that we on the crew know everyone is out of the woods! Thankfully, they had filled out their registration card with the auto information, so we knew they had left.) Apologies for misspelled names; I did my best with what you gave me.

Betsy Hawes, Event Director


White Course 1.95 km

Ray Leduc Group 23:10
Karin Lane Group 26:00
Paul Brown/Jennifer Group 56:00
George Reihim Group 59:00
Joe Yoemans Group 85:00
Dichcle Bernstein Group DNF
David Bedell Group DSQ

Chandler Riehim 42:00
Michael Kennedy 78:00
Zach Biemer 41:20
Michael Bukowski 36:12

Ana Linneman 44:09

Yellow Course2.1 km

Alexandra Oxenstierma 45:00
Alice Nash 51:00
Elaina Schlesinger 58:00
Julia Schlelesger 84:00

Jonathan Jurgens Group 26:00
Lucca Dobson Group 39:09
Denis Rozhkov Group 61:00

Orange Plus course 3.46 km


Nadia Popova 66:00


Stefan Slutsky 31:35
Daniel Schaublin 32:00
Bob Bullions 54:00
Yurii Shepeler 58:10
Artem Kazantsev 61:00
Jonathan Jurslis 63:05
Denis Rozhkov 73:00
Bill Shannon 136:00
Jonathan Jurgens 146:00
Michael Bukowski DNF
Lucca Dobson DNF
Geof Connor DNF


Ballezza Group 141:00


Hudson Highlands Nature Museum and Hudson Valley Orienteering Beginners event at the Nature Museum in Cornwall, NY.

Instruction on-going between 10:30 to 12.
Course starts between 11 and 1.

3 courses: White (beginner), yellow (advanced beginner) and score-O (intermediate)

Special rates: $10 Adults, $5 Children
Members (HVO & HHNM): $5 Adult, $5 Children (Children under age 7 no charge.)
No charge for second course (starting before 1 PM)

Limited compasses available for $1 rent.

The Outdoor Discovery Center is located on Muser Drive, across from 174 Angola Road, Cornwall, NY. Dogs are not welcome on the preserve.

September 11 2016


Date: September 11, 2016
Time: 10:30 am - 1:00 pm


Museum of Hudson Highlands

120 Muser Dr
Cornwall, 12518 United States

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Betsy Hawes