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Wanaque Ridge + HGSOC


Wanaque Ridge Results 11/25/2017 (updated 12/23/17)

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Directions added (11/24/17)

This New Jersey event utilizes the decades-unused Ramapo Lake (Ramapo Mtn SF) area, accessed in the southwest, from Back Beach Park in Wanaque, Passaic County, NJ.

The southwestern part of the Ramapo Lake map (circa 1988) has been digitized and updated, specifically for this event. The new map is called Wanaque Ridge.

Event Director: Paul Bennett (AskHVO@gmail.com)
Mapper / Course Setter / Registrar: Bob Rycharski

This event will include the “Hiking Game” Scout Orienteering Champs (HGSOC), which will require preregistration at the troop or pack level. For full information, and to download the registration form, please visit the scoutorienteering.com event page.

Please note that the HGSOC will be limited to the first 150 scouts registered; late fees will apply after Nov 18. have been canceled, and we should be able to accommodate walk-on scout groups. For more information please contact Bob Rycharski.

Individual scouts and very small groups of scouts will be welcome to participate in an unofficial capacity, along with the general public, as long as event map supplies last.

Orienteering courses to be offered
(courses named as colors)
Course .. length / climb / # checkpoints (“controls”)
Novices / Beginners:
. . White ………….. 2.06 km / 55 m / 7 c
Intermediate orienteers:
. . Yellow Short .. 2.57 km / 100 m / 10 c
. . Yellow Long … 4.22 km / 125 m / 13 c
Advanced orienteers:
. . Orange ……….. 3.41 km / 125 m / 12 c
Expert orienteers:
. . Brown ………… 4.08 km / 150 m / 11c
. . Green …………. 5.06 km / 215 m / 16 c
. . Red …………….. 5.78 km / 225 m / 17 c

When it will all happen
Registration and starts 10am – 1pm
Free instruction available 10:30am – 12:30pm
All courses close and control (checkpoint) pickup will begin at 3pm due to the early sunset!!

In a nutshell…
Come any time between 10:30am and 12:30pm to get free beginner instruction and go out on a course.  You can run your course for a fast time or take your time, but you must check-in back at the Finish by 3:00pm.   If there’s still enough time, you can go out on another course (no later than 12:00pm) for just the cost of an additional map.

What it will cost
HVO’s regular event fee schedule will apply (HVO member* / non-member):
Individual Adult:  $5 / $10
Individual Junior (age 20 and under):  $4 / $5
Group (regardless of ages):  $7 / $12 for 2 people, plus $2 per additional person, age 8 & up.  Includes one map for each group member, age 8 & up.
Second course (after finishing 1st): $2
Family Maximum:  $10 / $20
* – Members of other orienteering clubs will pay HVO-member rates, on a reciprocal basis.

All individuals and groups must use an electronic punch (“E-punch”) card on their course.
E-punch Rental: $2 each, plus deposit*

Compass Rental:  $1 each, plus deposit*
Additional Maps:  $2 each

* – Rental deposits / collateral:  Typically car key, driver license, credit card, … One deposit can cover multiple rentals.

How to get there
From I-287, north or south, take Exit 55 for Cty Rte 511 / Ringwood Ave, then head north on 511/Ringwood. Proceed past the only center-of-town traffic signal (at 2nd Ave, CVS on corner); after 2 more blocks, turn right onto 4th Ave (Exxon station on far corner).
Proceed about 1/4 mi, then, at the stop sign, turn left to continue on 4th Ave. Proceed about another 1/4 mi, as 4th Ave meanders a bit, to Back Beach Dr; take a slight right there to proceed into the park.

Google Maps – Use “Back Beach Park, Wanaque” as destination.
NOTE: GoogleMaps might say that 4th Ave continues into the park; it actually veers left at Back Beach Dr.

There should be orienteering signs, as well as “Back Beach Park” signs, to help you get there.

November 25 2017


Date: November 25, 2017
Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
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Back Beach Park


Bob Rycharski